เครื่องมือ Precision Accessories "VERTEX"
Milling Machine Accessories


Horizontal/Vertical Rotary Table, Tilting Rotary Table, Multiple Tiling Rotary Table, Semi-Universal Dividing Head, Universal Dividing Head, Super Indexing Spacer, Super Indexing Spacer, Simple Indexing Spacer, Digital Readout & Linear Scale, Linear Scale, Precision Universal Angle Chuck, Universal Tilting Rotary Table, Hydraulic Machine Vise, Universal Tilting Hydraulic Machine Vise, Tilting Hydraulic Machine Vise, Ang-Fixed Milling Vise, K-Type Milling Vise, 2-Way Angle Milling Vise, 3-Way Angle Milling Vise, Modular Precision Machine Vise, Lock-Fixed II Precision Machine Vise, Compound Precision Vise, Double Clamp Vise, Hydraulic Machine Vise, B-Type Milling Vise, Free Vise, T Slot Clamps, 52-Pcs Steel Clamping Kit, Indiviually Parts T-Slot Nut, Coupling Nut, Flange Nut, Clamping Studs, Step Clamp, Step Block, C-Clamp Cast Steel, Ground Parallels, VP-163 Precision Parallels, VP-064 Precision Parallels, VP-033 Precision Parallels, VP-018 Thin Type Parallels Set, VP-168 Ground Parallels, VP-050 Precision Parallels, Power Table Feed, Plain Angle Plate, Slotted Angle Plate, Right Angle Plate, Precision Right Angle Plate, Expandable Machine Guard Cover, Draw Bar, Chamfering & Deburring Unit, Dustproof Halogen Lamp Beam,Quartz Halogen Lamp Beam, Water-Proof Halogen Lighting Beam, Self Priming Coolant Pump 1/8 HP. 1/4 HP, 1/4HP. Under Water Coolant Pump, 1/8 HP. Under Water Coolant Pump, Coolant Pump Kit, Hand Lubrication Pump, Hand Lubrication Pump

Tool Maker Vise, Mine Tool Maker Vise, Sine Vise, Precision Universal Angle Vise, Tool Makers Vise, Precision Sine Vise, Two Way Vise, Sine Bar, Sine Bar With Magnetic, Micro-Adjustable Angle Plate, Angle Plate, Precision V Block, Solid Angle Plates, Micrometric Tangent Bar & Angle Gauge Block Set, Universal Angle Block Set, Precision Angle Blocks, Hardened Steel Square, Precision Steel Angle Plate, Square, V-Block With Clamp, Electrode Holder, Electrode Vise, EDM Tool Marker Vise (STAINESS), Tangimatic Dresser, Tangimatic Dress Handy Type, Wheel Balancing Stand, Level Balancing Stand, Driving Carrier, Permanent Magnetic Lifter (ON/OFF Type), Magnetic Lifter, Magnetic V Block, Magnetic Square Block, Magnetic Tools for Dial Gague Indicators, Magnetic Tools, Precision Gauge Blocks, Ceramic Gauge Blocks, Black Granite Surface Plates, Cast Iron Surface Plates, Precision Square Level, Horizontal Leveling Instrument, Granite Triangle Ruler, Granite V-Block, Granite Square Rulers, Granite Straight Rulers, ER Spring Collet Chuck System, ER-Type Coolant Collet, ER-GB Tap Collets, Clamping Nuts For Collets, Clampng Wrench For Collets

DIN 6388 Collet For Milling Chuck, DIN 6388 Nuts & Wrench, C-20,25,32,42 Wrenchs, C-20,25,32,42 Collet, Quick-Change Tolling System, TG100 Collet System, R8 Collet System, 5C Collet System, U2 Collet System, MT3 Collet System, Drill Chucks Arbor, R8 With Morse Taper Sleeve, Morse Tape Extension Sockets, Morse Taper Sleeve, Pull Studs, Integrated Type Keyless Drill Chucks, Keyless Drill Chucks, Keyless Drill Chucks, Keys, Keyless Drill Chucks, Key Type Drill Chucks, Large Diameter Modular Rough Boring Head With Diameter Over 200mm, FBH Finish Boring Head, Small Diameter Boring Head CBI4, High Precision Boring Head Set, High Precision, Boring Head Set, Universal Boring And Facing Master Head, Interchangeable Shanks, Boring Head Sets, Boring Head Shank C-Type, Touch Point Sensor, Height Presetter (for Machining Center), Height Presetter, Z-Zero-Setter, Tap Chuck Series, Reversible Tapping Attachment, Drill Tapper, Light Duty Live Center, Live Lathe Center, High-Load NC Live Center, High Speed NC Live Center, Inter-changeable Points Live Center, Bull Nose Pipe Center, Lathe Centers, Work-Driving Center-Changable Tips, Inter-Changeable Point Rolling Center, 3 Jaw Self Centering Chuck, 3 Jaw Powerful Self Centering Chuck, 4 Jaw Self Centering Chucks, 4 Jaw Self Centering Chucks (2-Pieces Jaw), 3 Jaw Powerful Camlock Type Self-Centering Chuck, DIN-Type 3-Jaw Self-Centering Chucks, 4 Jaw Independent Chuck Plain Back, 3-Jaw Scroll Chuck, Super Thin Chucks, Machining Jaw Chuck, Soft Jaw For SK-Type Chuck, Soft Jaw Hydraulic Power Chucks,

Hard Jaws For Hydraulic Power Chucks, 6-Jaw Awl Type Chucks, 4-Jaw Wedge Type Trough Hole Power Chuck (Without Adaptor), Face Milling Cutter 65, Face Milling Cutter 45, Face Milling Cutter 75, Face Milling Cutter 90, Ball End Mills, High Speed Shoulder Mills, High-Speed Rough End Mills, Face End Mills, Shoulder Face Milling Cutter, T-Slot End Mills, 45 Chamfering End Mills, Cutting Holder, Side Milling Cutter,


Digital Readout & Linear Scale
DR 3000-2, DR 3000-3



Digital Readout & Linear Scale

Linear Scale
LS0050-5A3, LS0100-5A3, LS0150-5A3, LS0200-5A3, LS0250-5A3,

LS0300-5A3, LS-0350-5A3, LS0400-5A3, LS0450-5A3, etc..

Linear Scale

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